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Common questions

General questions

How does Mobila Doktorn work?

Mobila Doktorn provides a web/application based service to connect doctors with patients through an innovative technical solution. You login with your BankID and supply your personal data, information about your actual symptoms and where you wish to receive the home visit. The system will then automatically search for available doctors in your area. When a doctor has accepted the request, the visit will take place sometime during the 2 hour period you have entered. You will pay the patient fee in advance and need to stay at your location for this period.

When the visit is done, we ask you to rate your experience with us as a help for us to improve our services.

What can we do for you?

Our doctors can help you with diagnostics, counselling and treatment  for many conditions that don’t require extensive testing or investigations. For more information, see the following page: What we can help you with

How do I book an appointment?

Bookings are made through the apps for smartphones (Android/iOS) or via the webpage www.mobiladoktorn.se.

In summary, you enter your actual symtoms, who has them, and at what location you wish for the doctor to come to. The patient fee will be reserved on your credit card during the process and will be drawn from your account when a doctor has accepted the visit.
The time intervals when booking are 2h/period. We recommend to choose as many time periods as possible as it will increase your chances to find an available doctor. The search for a doctor will be running for 30 minutes. If no doctor has accepted the appointment during that period, you will be notified and the patient fee will be repaid.

What does it cost?

For updated prices see the page Price List.

How do I pay?

You can choose to pay by card or by invoice.
The cost for your appointment is the regular patient fee. If you choose to pay by card, the amount will be reserved from your card while we are searching for a doctor for you. If we don’t find an available doctor, the money will be paid back to you.

Can I pay in cash?

No, all payments are made in our apps and on the website.

What happens if no doctor accepts the appointment?

If no doctor accepts the appointment within 60 minutes, the search will be cancelled and you will be notified of this. If any money has been reserved on your card, it will be repaid. You have the opportunity to re-use the same booking information at a later time, as the availability of doctors can vary over the day. We always recommend to choose as many possible time slots as possible when you book an appointment.

What is BankID, and how does it work?

BankID is a secure digital solution for electronic identification. It is used by companies, authorities and health care providers all over Sweden. For more info, see https://www.bankid.com

To get a BankID, go to your internet bank or call your bank for help.

What are the technical requirements?

Mobila Doktorns app is available for download with smartphones with the Android operating system (minimum v 5.0) and iOS (at least v 9.0). We recommend at least 3G connection.
For the web page, a web browser and an internet connection of at least 1MB/s is required.

Medical questions

Can you write prescriptions of medicines?

Yes, our doctors can write electronic scripts. Primarily we prescribe medicines for acute treatment of conditions we diagnose during our visits. Renewing a script cannot be the only reason for the appointment. In some cases we can renew single prescriptions of medicines prescribed by another doctor. In these cases we require some kind of proof that you are actually prescribed this medicine. One possibility is for you to login to ehalsomyndigheten.sewhere you can see your prescribed medicines.
We do not prescribe the following medicines:

• Narcotics (opioids, bensodiazepines, sleeping pills etc)
• Licence medicines
• Specialist medicines (prescribed by hospital specialists)
• Over-the-counter medicines
• Extending an ongoing course of antibiotics unless a new assessment gives reason to
• Medicines that require follow-up.

Can you prescribe medicines that are classified as narcotics?

No. There are several reasons for this. A responsible prescription of such medicines require the possibility to check earlier prescription patterns and the possibility to follow-up and evaluate, which we do not have at the moment. This principle is absolute and our doctors will deny all such demands.

Do your doctors have any medicines?

Our doctors bring with them a limited amount of drugs to begin treatment with single doses for allergies and common infections, in cases where pharmacies are not nearby. If you need a longer course, you will receive an e-prescription for the medicine that you can then pick up at any pharmacy.

Patient and data security

How are my personal details stored?

All data traffic is protected by encryption. Identity for both physician and patient is confirmed with BankID.

Is your service safe?

Information about personal data is treated under strict privacy in accordance with the Personal Data Act and Patient Data Act. The personal data is saved encrypted.


What do I do if I’m not happy with the appointment?

We are very interested in learning about what we can do better. Please contact us at kontakt@mobiladoktorn.se or use contact form at our webpage and we’ll call or email you back as soon as we can.