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How house calls by doctors work

Log in with Bank ID in the mobile app or call customer service for help with your booking.

Describe your symptoms.

Choose time and place for the visit and pay securely with a card or invoice.

Vi söker efter läkare för hembesök

We will look for doctor for you.

The doctor visits and examines you.


The doctor takes quick samples, writes prescriptions and certificates if necessary.

boka hälsokontroll

If follow-up is needed, the doctor books a return visit.

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It is easy to both book and receive a house call from a private doctor through Mobila Doktorn. If you use the MobilaDoktorn app, you may receive referrals and certificates sent to you directly in the app. You will also have the information about your visits collected and always available.

You log in to the app with Bank ID and select “Boka hembesök”. Then you describe your symptoms and who the patient is (you can add more patients to the app). Then you choose day and time for the house call, as well as the visit address. Feel free to choose several different times, it will increase the chance of a quick answer. You pay easily by card or by invoice. When paying by card, the visit fee is reserved in your account, but the money is not deducted until a doctor has confirmed time and place.

We often call before the visit to ensure that everything is in order and that your symptoms are suitable to examine during a house call.

The doctor brings with him (or her) the most important equipment that may be needed in a regular medical examination, such as a blood pressure monitor, otoscope, protective equipment and some of the most common rapid tests. You get, just like at a visit at a health center, a statement and possibly diagnosis, and the doctor can also, if necessary, prescribe medication or referral for further examination and specialist care.

After the visit, you have the opportunity to rate the experience directly in our app.

If you have more questions about our services, you may find them here.