How our dr works

Our doctors are competent, respectful and, of course, are apparently under the confidentiality legislation. Everyone has a Swedish doctor license and is examined by reference and control of criminal records. We are careful because we want both physicians and patients to feel safe in the home meeting.

Curious about how our doctors work? Are you interested in working for Mobil@Doktorn?

Our doctors have a very flexible, varied and exciting job where the workplace changes from day to day. We equip you with what you need to handle the most common easier conditions - but we also demand your skills and motivation for your work. Most of our doctors have another permanent job, but how much you want to work for us, you decide yourself. Our technical platform for doctors allows for advanced self-timing scheduling.

Every doctor is responsible for the individual medical assessment - but medical guidelines and overall operating procedures guide our doctors - all in harmony with Mobil@Doktorn’s basic concept. We want to provide high medical quality, customer satisfaction and security.

As a doctor, you will get:

- Flexible planning of your work. You choose which days and hours you are available.

- You choose where you work! The whole city or maybe just a neighborhood? At the summer house on the weekends? On the way home from work?

- The required equipment (except stethoscope) to be able to make qualified medical assessments of a variety of conditions.

- Attractive compensation per visit, through salary or invoice.

- The benefit of visiting people at their home, where they feel safe.

When you work with us, we require:

- A certain minimum of work passed during the first months.

- A respectful attitude towards customers / patients when you visit their homes.

- Follow-up to the medical guidelines.

- References, copy of criminal records and verification of identification with the National Board of Social Affairs.

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