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Campaign: House calls for only 1 295 SEK (regular price 2 495 kr)

Price List

Ord. priceWith subscription
Doctor house call2 495 kr2 120 kr (2 house visits 0 kr)
Doctor house call included antigen/antibody
vaccination* (flu or pneumococcus)
2 495 kr2 120 kr (2 house visits 0 kr)
Additional patient (same visit) included antigen/antibody/vaccination*1 595 kr1 355 kr
PCR-test (without a travel certificate)2 795 kr2 375 kr (For free visits 255 kr)
Additional patient PCR-test (without a travel certificate)1 895 kr1 610 kr
PCR-test (included visit + travel certificate)3 494 kr2 969 kr (For free visits 849 kr)
Additional patient PCR-test (included home visit + travel certificate)2 369 kr2 012 kr
Antigen test (included home visit + travel certificate)3 119 kr2 650 kr (For free visits 530kr)
Additional patient antigentest (included home visit + travel certificate)1 994 kr1 693 kr (For free visits 338kr)

Our subscriptions

Subscription (2 free home visits)399 kr/mån
Subscription additional family member99 kr/mån
Telephone counseling149 kr/mån

Payment Method

With us you can pay with Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

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* You should not have any ongoing infection or fever when vaccinated.
Consult with a doctor if you are on treatment with blood-thinning