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What we can help you with

Mobila Doktorn is a private health care provider, with both employed staff and doctors who work as consultants in addition to their regular employment at a health center or hospital.

That is why we have many doctors in our network, with different experiences and specialist skills. These include orthopedists, emergency physicians, ear-nose-throat specialists and pediatricians. For example. All doctors have a Swedish doctor’s ID and are used to performing general medical examinations, but in the largest cities we can sometimes directly match you as a patient with the right specialist competence. It is a good reason to be careful in describing your symptoms at the time of booking.

We can examine and treat approximately the same symptoms and ailments as a health center. Here are some of the most common:

Acute infection

Acute infections

For example, cough, pneumonia, sinusitis, urinary tract infections, ear inflammation, throat fever, fever.

Mental illness

Of short duration and lighter degree, for example acute stress reaction, sleep disorders, anxiety.

Musculoskeletal disorders

For example, knee and hip pain, shoulder pain, slipped disc, tendon and muscular inflammation, tearing, lumbago.


Eye disorders

For example itching, eye infection, red eye.

Gastric pain


Like constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, abdominal pain with or without fever.

Sexual diseases

Potency problem, rash.


For example, swine fever, rose fever, eczema, acne, itching, blisters, suspicion of borrelia.

Swollen legs

Suspicion of worsening of heart failure, venous insufficiency.

Breathing disorder of a lighter grade

For example, deterioration of asthma, worsening of heart failure.


Allergic reactions

Like sudden rashes and pruritus.

Ear, nose and throat disorders

For example, runny or clogged nose, hoarseness, hearing loss, snoring.



We are happy to investigate your child who is over 1 year old.


If you are seriously injured or ill, call 1177 for advice or in an emergency 112.

In which cases should you seek care elsewhere?

Mobila Doktorn does not currently have the opportunity to perform more advanced examinations such as venous samples, cultures and X-rays in cities other than Stockholm, and lacks the opportunity for longer follow-up. With certain conditions, you therefore get better help at another care facility. These conditions include:

  • Severe or long-term psychiatric conditions.
  • Suspicion of acute, life-threatening disease such as acute chest pain, acute neurological symptoms such as sudden weakness or numbness, acute serious confusion, major bleeding, severe breathing difficulties, severe allergic reaction, head injury.
  • Investigation cases, such as suspicion of rheumatic disease, tumor disease, unclear or prolonged pain conditions.
  • Extensions of medical certificates (sick leave, for example).
  • Acute abdominal pain with bleeding or generalized effect.
  • Gynecological or pregnancy-related conditions and conditions requiring intimate examination.
  • Infections/fever if you have an ongoing immunosuppressive treatment.
  • Vaccinations (applies to some).
  • We do not prescribe drug-classified drugs.