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Doctor house calls

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Campaign: House calls for only 1 295 SEK (regular price 2 495 SEK)

Mobila Doktorn is a health care service that brings health care to you, instead of the other way around. With our more than 70 licensed doctors around the country, we offer fast doctor appointments for those who do not want to, or are able to, wait.

Welcome to book your home visit today! You can also read more about doctor house calls and our other health care services here.

What we can help you with

Acute infection

We listen to the lungs, can take quick tests and judge if you need medication.


We carefully examine you with long-term or hog fever to rule out serious illness.


We look into the ear and treat as needed.


We examine the throat, take tests and treat it if needed.


New or troublesome rash? We are looking forward to seeing you!

Gastric pain

New or troublesome rash? We are looking forward to seeing you!

Muscle pain

Joint or muscle pain? We investigate, submit treatment and remit further if necessary.


Get rid of full and not familiar waiting rooms – we examine your child at home!

Our pricing

House call: 1 296 SEK
Additional patient (same visit): 795 SEK
• No additional fees, except for special samples.
--------------------- ---------------------
PCR-test covid-19 (incl. visit & certificate): 3 495 SEK
- Additional patient/PCR-test (same visit): 1 995 SEK
Antigen test covid-19 (incl. visit & certificate): 2 368 SEK
- Additional patient/antigen test (same visit): 1 743 SEK
COMPANIES: mail us at info@mobiladoktorn.se for a quote

Anton Tallhage läkare på Mobila Doktorn

Anton Tallhage

Legitimerad läkare. När Anton inte är en mobil doktor jobbar han som ST-läkare på sjukhus och på närakut. Anton är känd som en god lyssnare och är bra på att förklara på ett lättförståeligt sätt.

Kajsa Gustavsson läkare på Mobila Doktorn

Kajsa Gustavsson

Legitimerad läkare sedan 2014 och jobbar sedan dess inom allmänkirurgi. Har jobbat både inom geriatrik och barnmedicin och har därav intresse och kunskap av många ålderskategorier och områden.

Olle Wallner läkare på Mobila Doktorn

Olle Wallner

Olle är specialistläkare i ortopedi. När han inte besöker våra patienter i hemmet arbetar han som läkare på ett akutsjukhus samt på en närakut. Olle har ett tålamod av guld och pratar både tyska och spanska (förutom svenska och engelska).

Simon Hellström Mobila Doktorn

Simon Hellström

Simon är specialist i allmänmedicin och medicinskt ansvarig på Mobila Doktorn. Förutom att stå för sunda och säkra riktlinjer och rutiner står han också ofta på knä i trädgården, eller sköter om sina höns i villaträdgården på landet.

What do our patients say?

I searched for Mobila Doktorn online, a few hours after I called, a doctor with high competence was at my house. The doctor took tests and gave a quick diagnosis. Got medicine right away and I am now on my feet again. I highly recommend anyone who needs health care to use this service!

As in the past. Personal contact. Less risk of spreading infections. Less stress.

Remarkably fast, smooth, solution-oriented and above all accessible. In corona times, we were ported from most health centers, and the emergency room is not something to think about with small children. This was easily worth the price! Incredibly grateful and satisfied!

Very good from the first contact, good contact with the doctor who was helpful and competent! Highly recommended! Glad you are there!

Very satisfied! Really high quality!

Extremely grateful for this service! We received a fantastic response. The doctor was committed, calm, responsive and took his time. And what a service to come home to us when we could not get to the health center who could not receive us either. Thanks!!

I’m grateful you exist! I received a good welcome, good service, a lot of patience 🤗. Very flexible with home visits. I can warmly recommend MobilaDoktorn! Thanks for everything!