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Organization & vision

Many people associate a visit to the doctor with waiting and old telephone queuing systems that never really seem to work as intended, waiting rooms where there is sometimes even a queue to register for the actual queue and emergency rooms where we are happy if the visit took less than half day.

Today, digital meetings with a doctor is an alternative, but the possibility of examining, diagnosing and treating at a video meeting is, for obvious reasons, limited. Many diseases require the possibility of examination and simple sampling. Being able to meet the doctor in person also builds trust between the patient and the care provider.

Mobila Doktorn has revived a form of care that was almost extinct in Sweden – the home visit. Our idea is to adapt the care to the patients, instead of letting the patients adapt to the care. The idea of home visits, and Mobila Doktorn, came up in early 2017 and has developed ideologically and technically since then.

With our self-developed technical platform, we connect patients with doctors in a smart and flexible way. Both patients and doctors can easily manage bookings via our intuitive and easy-to-use mobile app. The founders of the company are three doctors with new ideas around healthcare and the opportunities that technological development provides.

Our goal with Mobila Doktorn is to help people receive quality care and help in time, increase security, relieve public care and in a longer perspective change the view of care and accessibility in Sweden.

Welcome to Mobila Doktorn!

Emma Selfvén Mobila Doktorn

Emma Selfvén

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070-550 52 67
Emil Bergholm Mobila Doktorn

Emil Bergholm

Specialty doctor
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070-360 34 79
Simon Hellström Mobila Doktorn

Simon Hellström

Medical Director, specialty doctor
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070-519 27 17
Carolina Wadsby Mobila Doktorn

Carolina Wadsby

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