About us

These days, doctors’ appointments are associated with waiting, old telephone systems that never seem to work as they were intended to, waiting rooms with queues to register to the actual queue, emergency departments where we are happy if the visit took less than half a day. Today, there’s an abundance of suppliers of digital doctor’s appointments. However, they are at most a complement to physical appointments. Many illnesses require the possibility of physical examination and simple testing to correctly be diagnosed. Being able to meet your doctor in person is a matter of confidence and trust and is important to many.

Mobil@Doktorn wants to revive a form of care that almost does not still exist in Sweden today - the home visit. Our idea is that, instead of making patients adapt to the health care system, we’ll make health care adapt to the patients. We modernise the physical doctor’s visit. The idea was conceived wintertime 2016-2017 and has through hard work evolved in concept and technology ever since. The base is an advanced technical product, built from scratch after our ideas, that connects patients with doctors in a smart and flexible way. The result will, as we hope and believe, be the numerous visits that will change the way we look at health care and accessibility in Sweden. The founders are three young doctors with fresh eyes on health care and the possibilities that the evolving technology give. Welcome to Mobil@Doktorn!